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How to Make More Money

Apr 29, 2021

If your sales funnel isn’t working, looking at the stats gives you surface-level info. It tells you where the funnel is breaking. But it doesn’t tell you why it’s breaking.. 

This episode looks beyond the stats, and goes deep into the problem. We will look way beyond, “Do A + B, and you’ll get C” and look at why it’s so darn difficult to do A and B to get C.

I’ve never spoken about this before, but if your funnel isn’t working, the villain is low-profit thoughts that put humans in a hierarchy. Left unchecked, these perceptions of inequality result in perpetually broken sales funnels.  In this episode, we’ll examine why women, in particular, are held hostage to income inequality. 

Stick with me... I’m saying some of the quiet things out loud. I’m going deep in this episode, but I’m not afraid to dig deep with you, because getting to the root of the problem is what we must do to close the gender earnings gap. When we start talking about the real issues, we can begin solving them.

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