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How to Make More Money

Mar 18, 2021

In the last episode, we talked about why you need a high profit presentation. It’s like a faucet that brings money directly into your business.

But how do you change an underperforming presentation into a high profit one? Over the next few episodes, I’ll guide you on the high-profit messaging targets to aim for.

But before you can fix any presentation, it’s important to recognize a low profit one in action.

Low profit presentations use a lot of words, but they don’t convey a lot of meaning. This can kill your business.

Why? If your offer doesn’t feel meaningful, your audience doesn’t see how it will make a difference in their lives. And then, they don’t buy.

So how do you convey meaning? The first step is distillation. When your message is distilled, it’s like a martini. Simple, clear, and potent. When your audience consumes it, they feel something.

“When meaning goes missing, so does money. Distilling your message lifts the meaning of your offer out of the murky depths and into your message where your customers can see it.” -- Kelly Hollingsworth

Is your message murky? Undistilled? Let’s fix that!