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How to Make More Money

Mar 11, 2021

In episode #24, I explained the female earnings plateau. Women’s earnings level off around age 41. Men’s earnings continue to climb until age 53.

As a result of this discrepancy, the gender earnings gap widens as we age. In our twenties, women earn about 12% less than men. In our fifties, women make 28% to 31% less than men.

How perverse is this result? As women gain industry acumen, experience, and expertise, the earnings gap widens???

This is obviously a problem. But fortunately, there’s an easy solution. The key to busting through any earnings plateau is what I call a High Profit Presentation. When you have a high profit presentation, you get recognized as the expert that you are. You get clients. And you get paid.

In this episode, I explain what a high profit presentation is. And how your high-profit presentation fits any opportunity or circumstance. We also discuss why a high profit presentation constantly fills your money bucket. And how to know if you need one.

To give you added framework, I even touch a bit on some high profit thinking that is integral to high profit presentations. 

“A high profit presentation is like a faucet. When you turn it on, money flows out of it.” Kelly Hollingsworth